Friday, March 28, 2008

1257. A spill plane, used to make long shavings called "spills" that were used to move fire around in a home, for lighting lamps, stoves, or pipes.

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1258. A saw set hammer, with a wrest style saw set:

1259. A roller dog, these were driven into the ends of a log and used to pull it width wise from the woods.

1260. A ladder lock, for automatically locking one portion of an
extension ladder to the other, patent number 523,848.

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The patent drawings of this device:

1261. A bartender's tool sold under the name Jigger Whack, it was used as a jigger, an ice scoop, and an ice crusher.

1262. A dynamite priming tool, used to poke a hole in a stick of
dynamite for inserting the blasting cap, as seen on page 120 of this book. If you scroll down at the book link, there are lots of great illustrations that show how dynamite is very useful around the farm in breaking up boulders, stumps, and the sub-soil.


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